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 3000+ designs in Half saree and Pattu Pavadai

             We are past January. The Winter and Festival season is over.  The boring months of February, March and April has arrived. Most people including me often assume that everyone gets busy with their work till summer as there are no more holidays and festivals. But these boring months do have a positive side. These are the most-prominent months with a number of "MUHURTHAM DAYS".

What is "MUHURTHAM"?

        Hindu Religion is full of festivals, traditions and events. Before planning for the event itself, a good date must be determined. Exactly. Muhurtham is simply a good day for events and selecting a Muhurtham date is a practice followed by Hindus to determine the best date for their event as they believe it will bring so much goodness to the event and for the purpose of that event. You can find these Muhurtham dates in daily calendars.

      No more holidays. No more breaks. This is the feeling I had of these months. But my perception has changed in just one month of time. I had the privilege to work with shivangi clothing. In fact, this very article is inspired by the hard efforts of shivangi clothing. In this period, I understood that the actual season starts from February. New relationships and bonds are created.

Some of the widely celebrated events in these Muhurtham days are given below:

  • Wedding
  • Wedding Engagements
  • House warming
  • Baby showers
  • Ear Piercing
  • Puberty Functions
  • Temple Visits
  • Half Saree Functions

        We at Shivangi Clothing exclusively make products for these Muhurtham functions. That too especially for girls. We make unique pattu pavadai designs for girls, Half saree for teenage girls, a Long gown for girl kids and teenage girls, Kurti for ladies and nightwear for women of all ages. 

        When it comes to traditional occasions and Muhurtham functions, only certain outfit will fit the event. For ex: Pavadai Sattai and Pattu Pavadai dhavani are the two mainly used ethnic wear for Muhurtham functions. If you really want to be modern and ethnic at the same time, you can go for an Indo-western long gown for girls. But if you really wanna look traditional being loyal towards our traditions, Pavadai sattai and Half Saree are the natural choices.

"Never ever worry about the designs or how you will look.  We are solely responsible for beautifying you with the quality and elegance of our ethnic wears."

                                                                                  - Vijay Vicraman   ( Founder - Shivangi Clothing )

        If you are someone who is hearing the names of these products for the first time, let me have the pleasure of taking you on a tour in explaining these products.

Pattu Pavadai sattai for kids and girls:

        Pattu Pavadai is called in different terms in different regions. In the north, it is called as Pattu Lehengas. In Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana it is commonly known as Pattu Pavadai. In Tamilnadu, it is otherwise called Pavadai sattai.

        A Pattu Pavadai Sattai is simply a top and skirt made of silk for girls aged from new born to teenage. Our Pattu pavadai neck designs are very unique. We make kids pattu pavadai by giving attention to every detail to make them feel maximum comfort. Buy our pattu pavadai online from shivangi clothing.
















To See More Designs: Shivangiclothing.com

Half Saree for teenage girls:




















Without any surprise, half saree is also called by different names in different states. It is called as lehenga choli in the north. Pattu pavadai dhavani in Tamilnadu, langa dhavani in Karnataka, Langa voni in Andhra Pradesh. Worldwide it is known as Half saree.

        Typically, Half saree is specially made for teenage girls. It merely is a skirt with grand blouse designs and sparkling dupattas.

        These fashion concepts are a symbol of our traditions. Sadly, these attires are on the brink of extinction due to massive western influence and trend fluctuation. Our traditions are our identity. Without it, we are nobody or become someone else.

I conclude by:

        People in the south certainly don't want their traditions to vanish. They prove the same with their actions. They have started to use ethnic wears gradually. 

        Until a few years ago, people got carried away with the modern fashion themes and ethnic wear segment suffered a nosedive. But because of the tireless efforts of certain tradition savers like Shivangi Clothing brought it back to life.

        Now with God's grace, Ethnic wear has become a trend.

        Let it flourish in all corners.


       Like greenwashing, unauthentic products with ethnic wear tags are also on the rise. But one brand got your back.

      Watch this video and you will know.

Shivangi Clothing is an emerging and most-trusted ethnic wear brand from India.


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